HRD Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Graduate Catalog

The Graduate Course Catalog is published every two years and in this catalog you will find details specific to your entry into a graduate program.  Policies and procedures outlined in this catalog are applicable to those students accepted into a graduate program during the academic years 2012-2013. All HRD course descriptions can be found on pages 95-102 in the Graduate Course Catalog.

Specific course offerings for each semester can be found through the Master Schedule of Classes.

Three Credit Courses

HRD 8003 Financial Management

HRD 8006 Metrics and Research

HRD 8010 Internship in HRD
HRD 8012 Individual Research in HRD
HRD 8210 Workforce Planning
HRD 8212 Compensation
HRD 8213 Benefits
HRD 8214 Human Resource Technology Solutions
HRD 8215 Employment Law


HRD 8216 Talent Management

HRD 8319 Introduction to HR
PSY 8425 Organizational Psychology
PSY 8475 Organizational Training
PSY 8825 Psychology of Personnel Administration
PSY 8875 The Psychology of Organizational Change
HRD 8499 Special Issues in HRD

One Credit Courses

HRD 8301 Work/Life Balance
HRD 8302 International Human Resources
HRD 8303 Telecommuting Issues
HRD 8304 Employment Law Update
HRD 8305 Legal Selection Systems
HRD 8306 Competency Assessment
HRD 8307 Selection and Termination
HRD 8308 Generation X and Human Resources
HRD 8309 Project Management
HRD 8310 Change Management
HRD 8311 Compensation Update
HRD 8312 Motivation
HRD 8313 Interpersonal Communication
HRD 8314 Stress Management
HRD 8315 Benefits Update
HRD 8316 Union Environment Update
HRD 8317 HR Technology Basics
HRD 8320 Consulting in Human Resources
HRD 8321 The Sarbanes-Oxley Act & Corporate Ethics

HRD 8322 Leadership: A Performing Art
HRD 8323 Team Building
HRD 8324 Strategic Thinking & Creativity in the Workplace
HRD 8325 Update: HR Planning
HRD 8326 Marketing Consulting Services
HRD 8327 Employee Relations: An Overview
HRD 8328 Finding Talent
HRD 8329 Workforce Planning
HRD 8330 Human Resources & Ethics
HRD 8331 Conducting HR Audits
HRD 8332 Designing & Measuring Training Programs
HRD 8333 Executive Coaching
HRD 8334 Selection & Termination- Part I
HRD 8335 Selection & Termination- Part II
HRD 8336 Safety in the Workplace
HRD 8337 Introduction to Organizational Design
HRD 8338 Recruiting and Retention (Finders Keepers)

Preparing for Registration

Watch this helpful video, developed by the Office of the Registrar, for tips and a step-by-step guide on registration preparations.