Policies and Procedures

For students who do not yet have sufficient HR experience to have the internship requirement waived, it is necessary to complete an internship and to enroll in Introduction to Human Resources.

* Internship Weekly Log.pdf
Weekly Activity Log
* Employer Internship Evaluation.pdf
Employer Evaluation Form

Student Checklist

  • Before committing to an internship, please contact your advisor to discuss the details of your specific internship and the Graduate HRD program internship requirements.
  • When you are hired, have your supervisor write your advisor within two weeks describing job activities and expectations. This can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to your advisor.
  • Each week, you should fill out the Weekly Activity Log to keep track of your hours and activities. These weekly logs should be given to your supervisor at the time of your performance appraisal for him/her to evaluate and send on to your advisor with the Employer Evaluation Form. Note: You must complete 120 hours to get credit for the internship.

Employee Checklist

Complete the Employer Evaluation Form on a regular basis. Below indicates the frequency performance appraisals must occur.

One-Semester Internship

  • After first 30 days
  • After 60 days
  • Final Evaluation

Two-Semester Internship

  • After first 30 days
  • After 60 days
  • Final Evaluation

All evaluations must be sent to Regina Sorgini at regina.sorgini@villanova.edu.

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