Information for Graduation

All academic requirements must be completed and processed before the date of graduation. Students expecting to graduate must submit the online application through myNOVA no later than the date specified in the academic calendar in the semester in which they expect to complete their program requirements.  Those who miss the deadline will not have their names printed in the Commencement program.

Screen shot of Graduation Information found in myNova.

How to Apply to Graduate

Students must submit the application to graduate via myNOVA. The form can be found in the 'Graduation Information' channel that is located on the 'Student' tab in myNOVA.

If a student applies to graduate for a particular semester and then does not actually graduate that semester, the student must reapply for the next semester. These forms are not kept on file in the Dean's Office once the semester is finished.

Application Deadlines

  •   For September 1st, graduation applications must be completed in myNOVA by June 15th.
  •   For December 31st, graduation applications must be completed in myNOVA by September 15th.
  •   For May 31st, graduation applications must be completed in myNOVA by January 15th.


Request to Walk-Through Graduation

Any graduate student expecting to complete his/her degree requirements in the semester following May graduation may request permission to "walk-through" the Commencement ceremony in May.  A student requesting this permission should have no more than six credits to complete. Submitting a walk-through request is NOT the same as applying to graduate. You must remember to apply for graduation by the deadlines listed above.

Although your name will not be printed in the Commencement booklet, you will be eligible for the cap and gown rental provided for the graduates.

Ceremony and Commencement

Find all of your Graduation 2014 Weekend Schedule of Events here.

graduate and her parents