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The mentoring program provides graduate students with the opportunity to work with successful HR professionals and to continue to develop a range of skill sets. Mentors benefit by accessing fresh talent, improving their leadership skills and building a rapport with Villanova’s reputable HRD Graduate Program.


By communicating effectively, participants set and share personal goals with one another that are convenient with their work schedules.  Participants are required to meet once per month to ensure progressive development and goal attainment. You will receive a list of suggested activities for each month, so that mentor pairs always have interesting and mutually beneficial discussions. Pairs are not limited to these suggestions and can substitute another activity as they see fit. Mentees are required to do a 1-page write-up each month, describing the monthly completed activity. Participants are expected to communicate and provide feedback to the HRD Department for improving the program as well. For local participants, we expect that you will try your best to attend the Kick-Off Breakfast at the beginning of the year and the Closing Breakfast at the end of the year.


Mentees are able to network within the HR community and make links with HR professionals who are interested in growing talent.  Benefits include expanding your knowledge base, having a resource you can go to when you have HR questions or issues, and making a valuable contact in the HR field. For mentors, the benefits are gaining HRCI credits, listing this experience as a resume booster, and gaining valuable connections within a new generation of HR professionals.

Be a Mentor

We are currently looking for new and eager mentors and mentees that wish to continue to move forward and excel in the field of HR.

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