Major & Minor Requirements

Requirements for History Major:
For students entering Villanova Fall 2013 and after

information can be found here

Requirements for History Major:
Effective for students entering Villanova before Fall 2013

information can be found here

The Double Major

Nearly everything has a history, and history embodies interdisciplinary and comparative study. We encourage majors in related disciplines such as Economics, English, Education, Communication, Political Science, Philosophy Sociology, Psychology, and Art History, among others, to also major in History. Even many science majors have chosen History for a double major.

Requirements for Minor

History minors are required to earn 18 credit hours in history. For students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the 18 credit hours include the core course in History.

**Please Note: At least half the courses must be taken at Villanova.

Upcoming Courses

You can download the upcoming courses below in PDF format.

History Courses

Art History Courses

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