Students who have a strong interest in a particular topic or area of history now have the option of selecting a concentration within the history major that enables them to pursue this interest in depth. A concentration consists of 4 courses out of the total of 10 required for the major.

The flexibility of the requirements for the major, which includes three history electives, makes pursuing a concentration easy. In most cases students would use these elective history courses plus one of the courses from the required distribution areas — US history, European History, or non-western history — to complete the concentration.

Interested history majors must register for a concentration with the department chairperson no later than the second semester of their junior year. Upon graduation students will receive a departmental certificate attesting to their completion of the concentration. In addition to courses already listed in the undergraduate course catalog, relevant courses offered on an occasional basis under special topics or Honors may also be counted toward the concentration, upon discretion of the chairperson.

For more information and a registration form, contact: Dr. Paul Rosier, Chair, History Department, SAC 403, 610.519.4662.

The Concentrations

Click the document links below to find the breakdown of classes for that concentration.

* ModernUSHistory.doc
Modern US History
* HistoryofGender.doc
History of Gender
* HistoryofWarandPeace.doc
History of War and Peace
* ScienceandNature.doc
Science and Nature
* USto1877.doc
US to 1877
* AncientandMedievalEurope.doc
Ancient & Medieval Europe
* PublicHistory.doc
Public History
* EarlyModernEurope.doc
Early Modern Europe
* ModernEurope.doc
Modern Europe
* RaceandEthnicityinHistory.doc
Race & Ethnicity in History
* ModernWorldHistory.doc
Modern World History
* ChristianityinHistory.doc
Christianity in History
* TheAtlanticWorld.doc
The Atlantic World, 1500-1800
* HistoryofAsia.doc
History of Asia
* SelfDesignedConc.doc
Self-Designed Concentration

Upcoming Courses

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