Gender and Race at Monticello Visited Monticello

Dr. Catherine Kerrison, associate professor of History and academic director of Gender and Women's Studies, along with her Honors class from "Gender and Race at Monticello," visited Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson on November 12. With other visitors, the class toured the ground floor of the house, but then was treated to a private tour of the second floor and the Dome Room (where Jefferson's daughter and grandchildren lived) by Dr. Elizabeth Chew, Curator, Thomas Jefferson Foundation. A tour of slave community life, led by David Ronka, offered a stark image of Jefferson as a slaveholder and a bleak contrast to the lives led in the main house. The trip was made possible by the sponsorship of the Honors Program and the Department of History.

Gender and Race at Monticello visited Monticello
Gender and Race at Monticello visited Monticello

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