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Becca Capobianco

I transferred to Villanova as an undergraduate student in the fall of my junior year.  Prior to attending Villanova, I had planned to continue to law school, but my time in upper level history seminars changed that significantly my senior year.  Rather than apply to law school, I applied to Villanova's M.A. program because I was familiar with the faculty of the department, enjoyed their classes, and saw many opportunities for further experience in the flexibility of the program.  During my time in the M.A. program I concentrated in both 19th century United States History and Public History and worked as a graduate assistant.  As someone with a deep interest in bridging the gap between "academic" history and "public" history, Villanova was a perfect fit not only because the program allowed me to pursue both ends, but also because the faculty were incredibly supportive of such a pursuit.  I found at Villanova that my professors were my biggest supporters and took every available opportunity to open more doors to new experiences. Along with a handful of other graduate students, I had the unique opportunity to participate in the creation of the Memorable Days Website - an online resource accessible to students and historians at all levels.  This was by far one of the most rewarding experiences of my graduate career, allowing us to share the project with our peers at national conferences as well as students in classrooms around the Philadelphia area.  Currently I am working with the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park to create a web-based curriculum for school students, a project for which I was particularly equipped thanks to my time at Villanova.

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