History Department Expectations

For students in history, an internship provides a valuable opportunity to advance their historical knowledge, skills and understanding while applying them to contemporary situations and problems. In a research and reflection paper developed during your internship, the History Department expects you to reflect on both your development as a student of history and the way your experiences demonstrate the connections between the past and present.

Department Requirements

Please note that these requirements are in addition to Internship Program requirements:

  • During the first two weeks of the semester, you should meet with Dr. Mires to discuss the objectives of the internship and its relationship to history, and to develop a short list of readings to be done in connection with the internship.
  • By midterm you should submit to Dr. Mires a one-page proposal for the research and reflection paper. This proposal should describe what you intend to do and include your reading list. The list should consist of four or five books, or the equivalent in articles. Submission of this proposal is required to receive a “Satisfactory” grade for your internship at midterm.
  • At the end of the semester, you will submit to the Internship Director, Dr. O'Leary: the log that you have been keeping regularly during the course of the internship, and two copies of the research and reflection paper (see details below). Dr. O'Leary will route the log and paper to the History Department.
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Internship Instructions

History Department Career Advisors

Dr. Abugideiri - relations with middle eastern countries.

Dr. Gallicchio - working for the federal government.

Dr. Giesberg - secondary school teaching.

Dr. Haas - archaeology.

Dr. Johnson - science-related fields, language training and research in Germany.

Dr. Keita - public policy, non-governmental organizations.

Dr. Kerrison - public history consulting; museum studies; paralegal studies; airline industry careers.

Dr. Lindenmeyr - non-governmental organizations; international humanitarian organizations.

Dr. Little - all levels of teaching.

Dr. Rosier - environmental Activist; Sales/Business.

Fr. Ryan - business, religion-related fields.

Dr. Steege - athletic coaching, elementary through college.

Dr. Sullivan - museum curator, art collector, art historian.

Dr. Winer - graduate studies, college administration.