Career Information

History Majors develop research, writing and analysis skills, along with organization and managerial skills. Employers who hire history majors include Government Agencies, Public Interest Groups, Financial Institutions and Law Firms. Some of the careers open to individuals are correspondent, columnist, legal profession, and corporate management.

Please note that this listing is very limited and opportunities also exist in many areas of business where the abilities to analyze, prepare information and present material to others are necessary.

The History faculty has a wide range of career experience, including teaching and research, but also extending to a variety of jobs in the private and public sectors. To discuss your career goals, consult your history professor or contact any of the other faculty career advisers.

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History Department Career Advisors

Dr. Abugideiri - relations with middle eastern countries.

Dr. Gallicchio - working for the federal government.

Dr. Giesberg - secondary school teaching.

Dr. Haas - archaeology.

Dr. Johnson - science-related fields, language training and research in Germany.

Dr. Keita - public policy, non-governmental organizations.

Dr. Kerrison - public history consulting; museum studies; paralegal studies; airline industry careers.

Dr. Lindenmeyr - non-governmental organizations; international humanitarian organizations.

Dr. Little - all levels of teaching.

Dr. Rosier - environmental Activist; Sales/Business.

Fr. Ryan - business, religion-related fields.

Dr. Steege - athletic coaching, elementary through college.

Dr. Sullivan - museum curator, art collector, art historian.

Dr. Winer - graduate studies, college administration.