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Lecture: Susan Wells - Our Bodies, Ourselves and the Work of Writing

Susan Wells is a professor of English at Temple University. Her most recent publication, Our Bodies, Ourselves and the Work of Writing (2010) is a rhetorical and sociological analysis of 1973's Our Bodies, Ourselves, the landmark guide to women's health that became best seller. Wells's analysis also considers the ways The Bosten Women's Health Book Collective, who produced the book, worked together to invent new ways of conveying medical information. Wells has also written a book on 19th century women physicians entitled, Out of the Dead House.

Lecture: Anne Kornblut - "Women in Presidential Politics: What Next?"

Anne E. Kornblut, author of "Notes From the Cracked Ceiling: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and What it will Take for a Woman to Win," is a White House correspondent for the Washington Post. She has covered the last three presidential campaigns -- including the Hillary Clinton campaign from start to finish -- and has been in Washington as a reporter since 1998. A 1994 graduate of Columbia University, she has also been a staff reporter for the Boston Globe and the New York Times, and is a regular guest on television news shows.

Stephanie Hightower; President, USA Track & Field "The Power of Standing Alone"

Cynthia Enloe; 23rd Annual Elizabeth Cady Stanton Student Research Conference

What's Gender Got to Do with It? The Impact of Gender on Your Life at Villanova

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