Welcome to the Gender and Women's Studies Program! We look forward to programs that are thought-provoking and enriching, courses that challenge and expand our horizons, and connections with other programs and departments that enact the interdisciplinary nature of Gender and Women's Studies.

Please contact us with any suggestions or ideas that you might have. Here are our archives of past newsletters of gender and women's studies news gathered from various sources; we use our Facebook group page to keep for more recent, current and upcoming events and announcements. Please join us!


collage of various famous women

GWS is proud to participate in
the Safe Zone Program.

Gender and Women's Studies Student Reserch Conference

Each spring the Villanova Women’s Studies Program hosts the Gender and Women's Studies Research Conference. It is an exciting opportunity to showcase your work, discuss your interests with other students and faculty, and see the broad range of intellectual disciplines Women’s Studies more.