Graduate Assistantship

The Graduate Program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has established an assistantship in Gender and Women’s Studies, tenurable for two years by a student admitted to the Masters program in one of the following departments or programs: 

The Assistantship has been created to attract to the Graduate Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences outstanding students committed to Gender and Women’s Studies and to recognize the strength of the Graduate Division’s faculty resources in Gender and Women’s Studies across the humanities and social sciences.  Because the Gender and Women’s Studies program at Villanova University emphasizes the links between theory and practice, academic learning and its application, we expect the holder of the assistantship to be a knowledgeable and active participant in the Gender and Women’s Studies community.

The Gender and Women’s Studies Graduate Assistant will pursue a Masters in a department or program while providing twenty (20) hours per week of programmatic, administrative and office assistance to the undergraduate program in Gender and Women’s Studies.   The Assistant will receive remission of tuition for all courses taken in the Graduate Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences up to the number of credits required for the completion of the Masters degree and a stipend per nine-month academic year. The stipend was $14,680 for the academic year 2015-2016.

Deadline:  Applications must be received on or before March 1, 2015.

Eligibility:  All students who have applied and been accepted to eligible Masters programs may apply for the Assistantship.  The Assistant must be a full-time student in good standing.  During the academic year, the Assistant may not have a full-time job or any other assistantship or fellowship requiring a commitment of time.

Application Process:  Applicants must apply directly to the Gender and Women’s Studies Assistantship Selection Committee any time after applying for admission to the Graduate School until March 1, 2014.  The Selection Committee will only review applications submitted by candidates already admitted to the Graduate School.  Graduate Directors or Chairs of individual departments and programs are also encouraged to identify outstanding applicants with demonstrated interest in and commitment to Women’s Studies and invite them to apply for the Assistantship.

Application Materials: “Using the online process available by clicking on the “Apply Now” button above, applicants must submit:”

1. a resumé

2. a single-spaced one page essay (about 500 words) discussing the intellectual, spiritual, social and political dimensions of your commitment to Gender and Women’s Studies.  Applicants are encouraged to address the following questions.  How does your proposed course of study engage Gender and Women’s Studies?  How do you envision an on-going involvement in the Gender and Women’s Studies community and how is that related to your personal and professional goals?

3. contact information for a recommender who can submit a letter discussing the applicant’s interest in the field of Gender and Women’s Studies and his or her capacity for providing programmatic and administrative support.

Conditions for Renewal of Assistantship for the second year: The Assistant will normally retain the assistantship for two academic years. Renewal for the second year is contingent upon maintaining good academic standing within the M.A. program and the approval of the Director of Gender and Women’s Studies.

Questions? Contact current graduate assistant Jessiica Otterbine at or GWS academic director Jean Lutes at