Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Gender and Women's Studies office located?

Our office is located in St. Augustine Center, SAC Room 488, tel. 610.519.3815.

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Whom do I contact for information about the program in Gender and Women's Studies?

Either of the program's co-directors: Programming Director Dr. Lisa Sewell at 610.519.4646 or Academic Director Dr. Jean Lutes at 610.519.6518.

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What type of programs does Gender and Women's Studies offer?

Students can earn either a Major or Minor in Gender and Women's Studies.

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Are there any Graduate Assistantships available?

We will be accepting applications for our Graduate Assistant position again in Spring 2014.

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News and Events

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GWS is proud to participate in the Safe Zone Program.

Featured Movies

Cynthia Enloe; 23rd Annual Elizabeth Cady Stanton Student Research Conference

Stephanie Hightower; President, USA Track & Field "The Power of Standing Alone"

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