Past Award Winners

The following students have received special recognition in years past:

2014 Winners

Best Undergraduate Paper: "'Within us and against us:' Adrienne Rich's Poetic Struggle Between Feminine Revision and Patriarchal Repression." by Megan Plevy, $250

Best Graduate Paper: "The Great Gay War: A Queer Reading of The Good Soldier and Mrs. Dolloway" by Lee Levitt, $250

 Best Health Paper
: "Female Circumcision: Healthcare Implications" by Brian Hartmann, $100

The Barbara Wall Award
: "Policy Impact on Gender Equality in Chile: The Influence of Chile Grows with You on Female Labor Participation" by Kaitlin Thompson, $100 

Best Performance/Creative Expression: "Cause of Change and Deveare Smith" by Nkiruka Umegbolu, $100      

2013 Winners

Freshman Winner: Nicole Conway, "Perpetua’s Rhetorical Narrative" 

Undergraduate Winner: Nina Friel, "Mary Kingsley: Society: Gender, and the Spirit of Adventure"

Graduate Winner: Mary Ann Kraftschik, "Abjection and the Lady of Shallot"

2012 Winners

First Year Winner: Alyssa Suhm,"I Cannot say the Words" Analysis of Celis in Shakespeare's AS you Like It.

Undergraduate Winner: Jennifer Fisher-Virginia Wolf: Not Just an Aesthete, Feminism & Anti fascism in Three Guineas and To the Lighthouse

Graduate Winner: Grace Oh, "The Reconstitution of Sisterhood in Augusta Webster's A Castaway

2011 Winners

First Year Winner: Grace Cipressi, "Silence Defies the Limits of Gender"

Undergraduate Winner: Alissa Ricci,"America's Debate on Mary Wollstonecraft: A Gendered Response to her Life and Work"

Graduate Winner: Alexandra Edwards, "Succession of Language - Women Talking to Women in Shakespeare's History Plays"

Barbara Wall Award Winner: Dan Macguill, "Hijab and Its Reform: The Limits of Western Feminism, and the Hope for an Islamic Alternative"

2010 Winners

Undergraduate Winner: Lillian Campbell, "'You're a Man, You See':Feminist Ideology in Black Panther Women's Poetry"

Graduate Winner: Lakshmi Balaji, "[Fe](Male): Gender Stratification within the Queer Community in India"

2009 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Steven Schultz, "Actually, Darling, Debbie Does Doris" 

Best paper, undergraduate:
Kimberly Marini, "Women in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man"

Best paper, first-year student:
Lauren Moyer, "Master Heldris Maintains Her Silence" 

Barbara Wall Award, graduate:
Carlie Allison, "Mediational Model of Risky Sex"

Barbara Wall Award, undergraduate:
Sandra Krogulski
, "Suffragette Autobiography: Smashing the Windows of Women's Writing"

2008 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Ellen Meeker, "Sexy Spies and Mean, Manly Women: Mata Hari, Madeleine Albright and the Role of Gender in National Security" 

Best paper, undergraduate:
Daniel Trucil, "My bloody resolutions… [My] womanish tears": The "Genderlect" of Sex in Phillip Massinger and Thomas Dekker’s The Virgin Martyr

Best paper, first-year student:
Margaret Banker, "Hero: Hardly a 'Face Without a Voice'" 

Foreign Language Award, graduate:
Alejandro Nevarro-Benbow, "Una aproximación discursiva a El beso de la mujar araña: la homosexulidad ante una ausencia de significado"

Foreign Language Award, undergraduate:
Erica Dolson, "Les Femmes dans La Musique Française"

Honorable mention, graduate:
Rebecca Steffy, "Poems, Lucky Pierre Style: Performing Poetics and Sexuality in Three Poems by Frank O’Hara"

Honorable mention, undergraduate:
Ryan Flynn, "Toward a Feminist Reading of Political Consumerism"

Honorable mention, first-year student:
Alex Puma, "Master Heldris of Cornwall: Man or Woman?" 

2007 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Peter Nagy, "Challenges to Masculinity in The Point of No Return"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Meghan Kenney, "Defining a Female Aesthetic: Sharon Olds's Somatic Discourses"

Honorable mention, graduate:
Kelly Gesch, "Through the Open Window and Door: Transitional Spaces between Domestic and Public in Kathleen Clarke's 'Revolutionary Woman,' Sean O'Casey's 'Plough and the Stars,' and W. B. Yeats's 'Meditations in Time of War"

Honorable mention, undergraduate:
Melissa Weigel, "The Unimpressive Role of Woman in 'Nothing New'"

2006 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Erin E. Connelly, "The Mother and the 'Other': Gwendolyn Brooks"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Christine Capetta, "Sybill Jones: A Struggle to Balance Motherhood and Activism"

Best paper, first-year student:
Anne Marie Bonner, "The Book of the City of Ladies"

2005 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Michelle Wetzel, "Poetry of the Abject and Sublime: Sylvia Plath's Ariel"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Jessica DeLisi, "Mary Norcom and Harriet Jacobs: A Look at a Victim through the Eyes of a Victim"

Best paper, first-year student:
Angela Allen, "Swinging for the Fences: August Wilson and the African-American Woman"

Honorable mention, first-year student:
Mariam Malik and Erin McGrath, "Advertising Cigarettes to Women"

2004 Winners 

Best paper, graduate:
Catherine Holden, "Offering Their Skirts: Gender, Tobacco, and Strikes in Ybor City, 1911-1916"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Elisa Foster, "Tender Heads: A Phenomenological Study of Black Women and their Hair"

2003 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Sarah Tarquinio, "Gender Differences in the Accuracy of the Interpersonal Trait Judgements at Zero-Acquaintance"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Valerie Fernandez, "Escaping Cultural and Feminine Oppressions: Sandra Cisneros and Her Autobiographical Heroines"

(currently no information for award recipients 1999-2002)

1998 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Rachel Downey Metzger, "Letters from India: An Evaluation of a Missionary Wife’s Correspondence" 

Best paper, undergraduate:
Sabrina Roaldset with Michaela Marion, Dana McCloskey, Tara Zagula and Lina Perz, "Women in International Business: Fasteners, Inc."

1997 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Timothy Kirk, "Bioethics, BRCA1 Testing, and the Identitty of Women: Towards a Feminist Analysis of Genetic Testing for Predisposition to Hereditary Breast Cancer"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Elizabeth McIlmoyle, "Enchantment and the Treatment of Women in ‘The Eve of St. Agnes’ " 

Erin Neville, "Unveiling the Motherhood Mystique" 

1996 Winners

Best paper, undergraduate:
Hope Maloney, "Women in the Soviet Economy"

Kristen Siler, "Ancient Visions and Modern Answers: The Goddess as the Basis for a Contemporary Belief System" 

1995 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Arden Elizabeth Thomas, "Re-Discovering World War One Women Poets: An Examination of the Literary History of the Great War" 

Best paper, undergraduate:
Kelly Beissel, "Treaty of the Sexes: The Works of Virginia Woolf"

Call for Papers

image of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was an american social activist, abolitionist, and leading figure of the early women's rights movement.

Eligibility for Submission

To be eligible for submission:

A paper must engage gender theories; a paper written about women or men, or a man or a woman, is not sufficient.

For example, a paper might use a lens which distinguishes actions and reactions caused by gender prejudice, critically discuss the ways that gender functions in some aspect of society, or analyze a text using other elements from feminist theory.

With the exception of those written by first year students, students are encouraged to include outside sources in a bibliography or reference section.