Past Keynote Addresses

We are proud to have hosted the following keynote addresses: (page under construction; more information forthcoming)

Year Keynote speaker Title of keynote address
2016 Lauren Berlant (University of Chicago)
“On Being in Life Without Wanting the World: Rankine, Isherwood, and Dissociative Life”
2015 Katina Sawyer (Villanova University)
"What’s Gender Got to Do with it? The Impact of Gender on your Life at Villanova"
2014 CJ Pascoe (University of Oregon) "Bullied: Youth Gender, and Homophobia."
2013 Stephanie McCurry (University of Pennsylvania) "The Tale of the Solder's Wife: War, Gender, and Emancipation"
2012 Cynthia Enloe (Clarke University) "The Risks of Not Learning from Iraqi Women's War Experiences"
2011 Noel Sturgeon (Washington State University) "Avatar and Activism: Ecological Indians, Climate Justice and Disabling Militaris."
2010 Lori Ginzberg (Pennsylvania State University) "A Very Radical Proposition: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Meanings of the vote"
2009 Linda Greenhouse (Yale Law School) "What Judges Know (or Don't Know) About Sex Discrimination (or Anything Else)"
2008 Susan Aberth (Bard College) "Frida Kahlo: Mexican Hydra"
2007 Afsaneh Najmabadi (Harvard University) "Feminism, Secularism, and the Challenges of Women's Rights Activism in a Islamic Republic"
2006 Bonnie Dow (University of Georgia) "Screening the second Wave: Images and Activism in 1970s Feminism"
2005 Elizabeth L. Hillman (Rutgers University Law School at Camden) "Guarding Women: Abu Ghraib and Military Sexual Culture"
2004 Yopie Prins (University of Michigan) "Ladies' Greek"
2003 Maria DiBattista (Princeton University) "Fast-talking Dames"
2002 Alan Sinfield (The University of Sussex) "Using Two Noble Kinsmen to read Midsummer Night's Dream against the Grain"
2000 Marion Roydhouse (Philadelphia UIniversity) "A New Zealander Abroad: Unexpected Journeys and Women's History in Unexpected Places"
1999 (10th) Janice Madden (University of Pennsylvania) "Gender Discrimination in Labor Market: Constructing Evidence in the Classroom and in the Court Room"
1998 Mary Crawford (West Chester University) "Feminist Research: Generations of Change"
1997 Madelyn Gutwirth "My Life in Women's Studies, and Why We Still Need Them"
1996 Adele Lindenmeyr, Ryan McDonough  
1995 Dr. Rachel Hare-Mustin, Kelly Biessel  
1994 Marie McAllister, Sherry Masters "The Value of Women's Studies Education"
1993 Barbara E. Wall, O. P. (Penn State University) "Women and Mass Communication"
1992 No Keynote  
1991 Farrah Griffith (Bryn Mawr College) "Black Feminist Contributions to Women's Studies"

Eligibility for Submission

To be eligible for submission:

A paper must engage gender theories; a paper written about women or men, or a man or a woman, is not sufficient.

For example, a paper might use a lens which distinguishes actions and reactions caused by gender prejudice, critically discuss the ways that gender functions in some aspect of society, or analyze a text using other elements from feminist theory.

With the exception of those written by first year students, students are encouraged to include outside sources in a bibliography or reference section.