The Major requires students to take 10 courses, including three foundational courses: GWS 2050 (Gender and the World); a research seminar in Feminist Theory and Methodology, which can be satisfied by GWS 3000 (Independent Study) or equivalent courses in other disciplines with the approval of the GWS director; and GWS 5000 (Integrating Seminar). In addition, GWS majors must take seven electives, at least two of which must be in the social sciences and two in the humanities. Elective courses must carry the GWS attribute, awarded by Director of Academics.

The minor in Gender and Women’s Studies requires students to take a total of six courses including GWS 2050-Gender and the World, and GWS 5000-Integrating Seminar, which is taken as a culminating course.

Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies, Gender and the World, is offered every semester, and the Integrating Seminar is offered every spring. Other courses for the GWS minor or concentration may be may be taken in a variety of departments, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of gender and women's studies, as long as they are designated with the Gender and Women's Studies attribute (a partial list appears below) on the NOVASIS Master Schedule and/or approved by the Academic Director of the Gender and Women's Studies program.

Please note that the course list can change each semester. For a full course list, click here. (Topics: GWS Academic Director can approve other courses offered by departments. Please see Master Schedule).

List of courses offered: 

AAH 3005-001- Gender Sexuality and Visual Culture
CLA 3040-001- Woemn in the Classical World
COM 3351-001- Gender and Film
COM 3402-00- Family Communication
ENG 2300-00- Women in Literature
ENG 3690-001- Virginia Woolf
ENG 5000-002- American Modernism: Cather, Hemingway, Faulkner, and Hurston
GWS 2050-001- Gender and the World
*HIS 1150-001 Gender and Conquest in the Alantic World
*HIS 1075-00- Women and Everyday Life in a Global Context
HIS 3360-001-Women in Pre-Modern West
HON 4900-001-Social Inequality
PHI 2420-001- Philosophy of Women
PHI 4900-001- Feminist Therories
PJ 2800-001-Race, Class, and Gender
PJ 5000-001-Homeless Chic?: U.S. Poverty and Privlege
SOC 2300-001-Sociology of the Family
SOC 3500-001-Sociology of Gender
THE 3006-001-Shakespeare on Stage
THL 5000-001- Religion, Media and Gender
THL 5000-101-Religion, Media and Gender


Additional Information


If you are interested in the program, please fill out an application (vu username and password required).You can also download the GWS brochure below or contact the director of academics, Catherine Kerrison, catherine.kerrison@villanova.edu