The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers extensive graduate program offerings that include more than 20 master's degrees, more than 40 pre- and post-master's certificates, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy.  If you are interested in multiple disciplines, you can also combine programs.  Please see our graduate program offerings below:

Program Director Degrees Certificates
Applied Statistics Dr. Michael Levitan
(610) 519-4818
M.S. Certificate
Dr. Aaron Bauer
(610) 519-4857
M.S., M.A. Certificate
Dr. Temer Ahmadi
(610) 519-7796
Classical Studies
Dr. Valentina DeNardis
(610) 519-4735
Dr. Heidi Rose
(610) 519-6939
M.A. Certificate
Computing Science
Dr. Vijay Gehlot
(610) 519-5843
M.S.C.S., M.S.S.E.  
Fr. Robert Murray, O.S.A
(610) 519-6991
M.S. Certificate
Education Dr. Edward Fierros
(610) 519-4620
M.A. Certificate

Master's Plus Teacher Certification

Dr. Connie Titone
(610) 519-4620

Master’s in Education (with optional concentration in Teacher Leadership)

Dr. John Durnin
(610) 519-4613
English Dr. Heather Hicks
(610) 519-4645
M.A. Certificate
Gender and Women's Studies Dr. Jean Lutes
Hispanic Studies Dr. Adriano Duque
(610) 519-4723
M.A. Certificate
History Dr. Judith Giesberg
(610) 519-4668
M.A. Certificate
Human Resource Development
Dr. David F. Bush
(610) 519-4582
M.S. Certificate
Human Resource Development
Dr. Lawrence Cozzens
(610) 519-3968
Liberal Studies Dr. Marylu Hill
(610) 519-7325
M.A. Certificate
Mathematics Dr. David Sprows
(610) 519-4850
M.A. Certificate
Philosophy Dr. Annika Thiem
(610) 519-5313
Political Science Dr. Marcus Kreuzer
(610) 519-4710
M.A. Certificate
Psychology Dr. Michael Brown
(610) 519-4720
Public Administration (on campus) Dr. Catherine E. Wilson
(610) 519-7851
M.P.A. Certificate
Public Administration (online) Dr. Catherine E. Wilson
(610) 519-7851
Software Engineering Dr. Vijay Gehlot
(610) 519-7310
Statistics (see Applied Statistics)  
Theatre Rev. David Cregan,  O.S.A. Ph.D.
(610) 519-4760
M.A. Certificate
Theology Dr. Timothy Brunk, Director of Admissions
(610) 519-3052
M.A. Certificate