Combining Programs

Degree/Certificate Programs

The large number and diversity of Villanova’s graduate programs enable students to combine a degree in one discipline with a second degree or a certificate in another discipline, and count certain courses for both.  This opportunity is especially appealing to students who seek to unite their studies in a more academic area with work in a more applied or professionally oriented field. While the possible combinations of degrees with certificates are numerous, we offer several programs that pair particular disciplines across departments. These combinations are designed to strengthen students’ credentials and opportunities to learn real-world skills as they pursue their academic passion.


Dual Masters Degrees

Villanova’s broad offerings in graduate education also offer students an opportunity to enroll in two graduate programs simultaneously, either within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or in two different Colleges, such as Liberal Arts and Sciences and Engineering.  The two programs could be related, such as History and Political Science, or represent two quite different disciplines, such as Theology and Mechanical Engineering. Those interested in pursuing two degrees simultaneously must apply to each program separately.  Each program has separate authority to approve or disapprove the student’s admission.  Once admitted to both programs, students may earn two Masters degrees at an accelerated pace by having up to 25% of the credits taken in one program counted toward the credit requirements in the second program. For more information, please review our policy on enrolling in two programs simultaneously.


How to Apply

Applicants interested in pursuing two degrees or a degree and a certificate must be accepted by each.  If you are interested in applying to two programs – degree or certificate – you should create only ONE application. Once you enter the application website and start an application, you will be able to indicate primary and secondary program choices. You will be considered for both programs.

Students already enrolled in a degree or certificate program at Villanova may also apply to pursue a second degree or certificate. Please contact if you are interested.

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How It Works

Up to twenty-five percent of the credits in one program may also be used toward the credit requirements in the second program. In the case of the MA in Theatre (36 credits) with the Certificate in Non-Profit Management (15 credits), for example, the total number of credits required is 39 (13 courses) instead of 36+15.

For more information, please contact the program directors of the degree or certificate programs you are interested in.