Transfer of Credit from Another Master's Program at Villanova University

An individual who has already earned a Master’s degree at Villanova who seeks to earn a second Master's degree at Villanova (see Earning a Second Master’s Degree) may request permission to apply some of the credits earned in the first program toward the requirements in the second program. No more than 25% from the first degree may be applied to the credits required for the second degree. 

The request should be made at the time of application to the second Master’s program. The student must formally apply and be accepted for admission to the second graduate program and must obtain that program's approval for the courses to be "accepted" from the other degree because certain course credits (e.g., internships) may not be sufficiently relevant to the second degree. That is, the second program will determine which courses from the first program, up to a maximum of 25%, will be accepted toward the second Master's degree. Finally, any specific requirements beyond coursework in the second program (e.g., comprehensive exams or a thesis) must be completed. If approved by the program director, the request should be sent by the Chair or Program Director to the Dean's Office. Only coursework completed within the six-year time limit for transfer or waiver credit can be considered.