Student Status Categories

  • Matriculated Status: for a student who submits all the necessary application materials, and meets or exceeds admission criteria for a degree or certificate program.
  • Non-Matriculated Status: for a student who is a promising candidate for a degree or certificate program, but who does not meet all the admission criteria. This student may be offered non-matriculated status in order to demonstrate that he/she can handle the graduate workload by earning a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their first few courses. No more than 12 credits may be completed while the student is in this category. After earning acceptable grades (or perhaps re-submitting GRE scores if that was the area that was lacking), a non-matriculated student may be re-evaluated for full (matriculated) admission.
  • Special Student Status: for a student who is a good candidate for a certificate or degree program, but who is missing one of the application requirements; or for an applicant who wishes to take one or two courses for professional enrichment, without enrolling in a degree or certificate program. If accepted, Special Students may earn up to six credits before being reevaluated for full (matriculated) admission.
  • Visiting Student Status: For a student who is matriculated into another university’s program and wants to take one or two courses (maximum of two courses) here to transfer elsewhere. This is a student who has no intention of completing a degree or certificate at Villanova. A visiting student must submit a letter from his or her dean stating that the course is acceptable.