Leave of Absence

Students who plan to leave the University for one academic year (on a temporary basis) should request a Leave of Absence. Official leave of absence from the University must be authorized by the Graduate Dean.  Students who are unable to take courses for three or more consecutive terms (including summer terms) should apply for a leave of absence. When students wish to take one semester off, a leave is not required. A letter explaining the reasons for the request, and stating the expected time when studies will be resumed, should be sent to the director of the student’s graduate program, who will forward it to the Graduate Dean with his or her recommendation for a final decision. If the student does not return to the University within the time originally requested (normally no longer than a year), the student will be considered as having withdrawn from the University. Students who take a leave of absence are still expected to complete the requirements for the degree or certificate within six years from the date they first enrolled at the University.