Director Description

Job Information:

Position Title: Graduate Program Director

Appointed By: Department, with approval by Dean, Graduate Studies and Dean of the College

Reports To: Chairperson and Dean, Graduate Studies

Term: At the chairperson’s discretion

Job Responsibilities:

1.   Publicize program(s) by creating, updating and distributing publicity and marketing materials (e.g., posters, viewbooks, advertising copy, brochures, web listings, etc.);

2.   Ensure accuracy of printed and online materials and information about the program(s) (Graduate Catalog, department materials, program website, etc.);

3.   Recruit new students during the academic year and summer, including representing the program(s) at the various events on evenings and occasional weekends such as the Open House, Information Sessions and Admitted student Day;

4.   Correspond and meet with prospective students and applicants during the academic year and summer, and coordinate their on-campus visits within department (e.g., faculty interviews, lab tours, meetings with current students, etc);

5.   Manage (with departmental secretary and Graduate Studies Office) all inquiry and application materials and monitor application processing during the academic year and summer;

6.   Decide on formal recommendations for admission or rejection of new students into the program(s) (with faculty committee and/or department chair, according to department practice), and coordinate those decisions with Graduate Studies Office; finalize composition of incoming classes;

7.   Assist incoming students with housing and similar questions;

8. Recommend to Graduate Dean admitted students for assistantships and tuition scholarships (with faculty committee and/or department chair, according to department practice), and communicate with winners of assistantships/scholarships; maintain waiting list for assistantships and scholarships;

9.   Coordinate assignment of responsibilities to supported graduate students and monitor their training and/or performance;

10. Advise current and incoming students, assist with registration questions and/or supervise advisement system according to department practice;

11. Develop with chairperson course offerings and schedules each semester;

12. Revise existing curricula and course offerings as needed in consultation with faculty and department chair, and lead curricular innovations;

13. Correspond with Graduate Studies Office regarding active students as needed (e.g., changes of grade, status changes, grade extensions, requests for withdrawal, monitoring academic progress, etc.);

14. Propose new graduate programs (e.g., certificate programs, BA/MA and BS/MS programs, Ph.D. programs);

15. Oversee summer research, summer graduate courses and internships;

16. Supervise comprehensive exams and/or other capstone experiences (e.g., thesis, final project, internships), according to department practice;

17. Certify with department chair each candidate for degree;

18. Assist students in placement in Ph.D. programs, academic and related jobs, internships, and career advising;

19. Schedule, administer and attend thesis proposal presentations where relevant;

20. Schedule language examinations where relevant;

21. Compile data on outcomes, quality indicators, etc. as requested.

22. Submit annual reports on graduate program to department chair and Graduate Dean.