Application Process

  • Most application materials can be uploaded by the student into Intelliworks. Any materials received by the Graduate Studies Office will be coded as received in Intelliworks, and attached to the student record immediately. Graduate Studies will maintain original copies of transcripts. If a department receives materials directly from students, the department should send tems to Graduate Studies so we can update Intelliworks.
  • Students login to their Self-Service Portal in Intelliworks to view their application status. The online system tells them which items in the application checklist are either received or not received. Graduate Studies does not send out letters or emails to students to tell them which supplemental application materials are missing. Students are responsible for tracking their status online. We also encourage departments to reach out to applicants early in the process to connect with them, answer questions to ensure that the program is the right fit for the student and to encourage complete applications from excellent candidates to be submitted on time.
  • After applications are complete and reviewed, the Program Director enters the recommended admission decision into Intelliworks (matriculated, non-matriculated, etc.). (See Student Status Categories, for the different categories of admissions decisions)  For non-matriculation or special student status, detailed information about the number of credits or specific courses a student may be limited to taking should be listed in the Comments field as the place of record. However, acceptance letters are "generic" in nature. If you have any specific requirements or requests of a student, your departement is repsonsible for emailing the student to notify him/her of pre-requisites, etc.
  • Transfer of credits (see Transfer of Credit below) are accepted for graduate students only at the time they enter Villanova. If an accepted student has graduate credits to transfer to Villanova from another institution, the necessary information should be entered on the "transfer of credit" form and sent to us by email or mail. A student may transfer no more than 6 credits from another institution toward the Villanova degree. These must be graduate level courses that were taken within the past six years from the date of admission and the grades earned must be “B” or above.
  • If a decision is “reject/deny,” the reason for rejection is not mandatory in the comment section. Any information inserted in this section is used simply to inform department committee members and/or our office about weak areas for that particular applicant.