Administrative Compensation


Recognizing the many and diverse responsibilities and considerable time involved in running a successful graduate program in the arts and sciences, the College will continue to provide Graduate Program Directors with compensation in the form of adjustment of teaching expectations (reassigned time) and/or stipends. 

Graduate Programs in the College differ considerably with respect to student enrollments.  The total reassigned time for a Graduate Program Director is based on student enrollment in the graduate program, averaged over the past four academic years (data posted on the Registrar’s website; Enrollment Statistics). Graduate directors will be compensated according to the following formula:

Enrollments in Graduate Programs
(# of students per semester)

Graduate Program Director Reassigned Time
(# of contact hours/yr)
6+ 1/9
Doctoral program
6+ 1/9

Graduate Program Directors may receive reassigned time for research/scholarship in addition to administrative reassigned time.  If the combined reassigned time for research and administrative responsibilities exceeds 12 contact hours, the Graduate Program Director may either 1. share the 6-credit reduction with a co-director or 2. receive a $4000 stipend for every 3 contact hours of reassigned time in excess of 12 contact hours. In any case, Graduate Program Directors will teach a minimum of 12 contact hours per year.