Academic Integrity

Procedural Summary for Academic Integrity Violations

The procedures outlined below summarize the basic steps to be taken when in cases of academic integrity violations by graduate students. Please note that the university’s full policy and related procedures should be read on the VPAA web pages:

1.  The professor of the course completes the academic integrity violation form found on the VPAA web pages to report the incident to the Department Chair and Graduate Program Director.

2.  The Chair or Director forwards the report and supporting documentation to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

3.  If the grade in the course has brought the student’s overall GPA to below a 3.0, then the student should also be placed on academic probation. However, this should be a separate letter written by the department discussing only the GPA and the grades needed to bring the GPA back up to 3.0. The academic integrity violation and academic probation must be dealt with as separate matters.

4.  When the Graduate Dean’s office receives the report of a violation from the department, the Dean issues a letter to the student informing him/her of the academic integrity violation and confirms whether it is a Class I or Class II violation. In the letter, the student is given two options: 1) to accept responsibility for the violation or 2) to appeal.

5.  The student receives this letter from the Dean and must either return it with a signature admitting responsibility within 5 business days, or notify the Graduate Dean that they plan to appeal. An appeal goes directly from the student to Dr. Craig Wheeland, the University’s Academic Integrity Officer.

6.  If the Dean’s office receives the signed copy of the letter (i.e. the student accepts responsibility) or if the student does not reply within 5 business days, responsibility is assumed, and the Dean  will send the student a letter specifying the steps to be followed:

a) The student should visit the Academic Integrity Gateway ( ) in order to read the policies there and complete a quiz.

b) The student will write a letter of apology to the faculty member.

c) The student will meet with the Dean of Graduate Studies for a final interview to discuss their experience and reflect on it.

If the student admits the violation, but wishes to appeal the severity of the grade penalty, then the grade appeal procedure should be followed within the department.