Graduate Summer Research Fellowship

About the Fellowship

Summer fellowships to support graduate student research and scholarship are available every year from the Dean of Graduate Studies. Awards of $3,000 summer stipends are granted on a competitive basis.


Graduate students in any program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply for this fellowship. The deadline for applications is January 20 (the deadline will always fall on January 20th even if it is the weekend) for research or other scholarly activity to take place during the summer (June, July, and August).  No extensions will be granted.

Villanova University students cannot receive support to conduct research in countries under a Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State. In the event that a country is placed on a travel warning after funding has been awarded, students must communicate with the Office of Graduate Studies to cancel travel arrangements and return any funds that have been awarded.


If you have a scholarly project for which you would like summer support, please discuss this with a faculty member in your program who will be willing to formally sponsor your effort.

Please review the Formal Announcement detailing the Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship for more information about eligibility requirements and application procedures for these competitive awards. The Cover Page describes the format that should be appended to any submitted proposals.

Final Report

A final 2-page report on the outcome of the summer award must be submitted by the student to the Office of the Graduate Dean by September 15.