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Dr. Boris Briker just came back from Chernivtsi, Ukraine, where he participated in the International Festival, Meridian Czernowitz. This festival began five years ago as a series of poetry readings, inspired by the fact that the great German language poet, Paul Celan, was born in and grew up in Chernivtsi (then Czernowitz). Now the festival has evolved into a superb international festival of culture, books and poetry .

It is especially significant now given the bloody conflict on the South-East of Ukraine.  Together with Dr. Briker’s  colleague, Anatoly Vishevsky from Grinnell College, he presented and participated in a public discussion of the book that they compiled and edited, Chernovtsy Tales. They also authored one of the book’s six chapters which featured writers with different styles and a range of genres, the book presents the city, Chernovtsy, during the post-World War II Soviet period. The presentation of the book took place outside, on the main and the most beautiful street of the city.


"Recent Events in Egypt: Where is Egypt Heading?"

"Recent Events in Egypt: Where is Egypt Heading?"

Dr. Omran introducing Dr. Abdelkaream at the Sept. 9th event.

"Recent Events in Egypt: Where is Egypt Heading?"

We had various students from across campus attend the event.

"Recent Events in Egypt: Where is Egypt Heading?"

September 9th, 2014
4:30-6pm, Garey Hall Alumni Event Room


The Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies welcomes Dr. Anwar Abdelkaream.


Summer Travel 2014

Professor Tim McCall lectured at Shanghai University.

ProfessorTim McCall lecture presentation at Shanghai University.



Franco-Arab Film Festival

Franco-Arab Film Festival


Brendan Cardhidi (left) with Jordan Film Director.

 Brendan  wrote: “Ahlan min al-urdun! Bonjour de la Jordanie! Hello from Jordan! I just wanted to let you know how things are going here in Jordan. You would not believe it but this week in Amman there is a Franco-Arab Film Festival hosted by the French government and the Royal Jordanian Film Commission." Above is a photo of Brendan with the director of a famous Franco-Palestinian film called "Giraffada". It was specifically sponsored by 's top news channel TV5Monde.




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GIS Reception for Majors

major reception
Reception for students majoring in GIS on May, 2014

GIS Reception for Minors

Reception for Minors
The GIS reception for minoring Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian was held in April, 2013

GIS Open House Reception in September 2012


Taiko group Taikoza, led by Marco Lienhard


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Applications are still being accepted for the 3 week, three credit summer course, Russian Culture in Context taught for one week at Villanova and for two weeks in Russia.  ...Read more..

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