False Color Composite Image (FFCI)


A False Color Composite Image (FFCI) is an image produced by displaying multiple spectral bands as colors different from the spectral range they were taken in. The term "false-color" is typically used to describe images whose colors represent measured intensities outside the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Typical false-color images include infrared data, which are often displayed as visible red. Thus green vegetation, which is highly reflective in the infrared, typically appears red on a false-color image. It is useful for extraction information difficult to discern in the original imagery, variations in vegetation species or health.


Google Earth Trees

You will need a version of Google Earth in order to download and view the KML Map File below, or to be able to go directly to the Villanova Trees Google Earth gadget.

Download the Google Earth client
* Trees.kmz
Villanova Trees KML Map File
* TreePamphlet.pdf
Trees Pamplet