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New in fall 2016: Master of Science degree in Environmental Science

The department welcomes three new tenure–track faculty in 2016:

Dr. Peleg Kremer, Assistant Professor, GIS, Mendel G67E

Dr. Kabindra Shakya, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science, Mendel G67I

Dr. Stephen Strader, Assistant Professor, Geography, Mendel G65F

Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellowship Awards were given to three GEV students for summer 2016!

Devin Smith, Environmental Science, ‘17

Gina Talamo, Environmental Science, ‘18

Mikala Jordan, Environmental Science, ‘18

Recent Faculty Publications

Kremer.  P., Hamstead Z., McPhearson T., Frantzenkaki, N., et al. 2016.  Key research–based insights for the future of urban ecosystem services research.  Society and Ecology 21 (2): 29.

Wieder, R. K., Vile, M., Albright, C., Scott, K., Vitt, D., Quinn, J., and Burke–Scoll, M. 2016.  Effects of altered atmospheric nutrient deposition from Alberta oil sands development on Sphagnum fuscum growth and C, N and S accumulation in peat.  Biogeochemistry 129 (1): 1–19.

Kerns, P. J., Weston, N. B., Bowen, J. L., Zivkovic, T., and Vile, M. V. 2016.  Tidal Freshwater Marshes Harbor Phylogenetically Unique Clades of Sulfate Reducers That Are Resistant to Climate-Change-Induced Salinity Intrusion.  Estuaries and Coasts, 1-11.

Galgano, F. A., 2016.  Environmental Security and Trans-Boundary Water Resources, pp 169–191.  In Military Geosciences and Desert Warfare, McDonald, Eric, Bullard, Thomas (Eds.).  New York: Springer-Verlag, 321 pp. [978-1-4939-3427-0].

Other News

Grant Award: Drs. Rodrigues and Steven Goldsmith, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation ($125,454) for a two–year project to quantify the impacts of land use change on nearshore coral reefs. 

Grant Award: Dr. Nathaniel Weston is the lead principal investigator for a grant ($665,660) awarded by the NSF in June 2016, which includes co–PIs James Morris (University of South Carolina), Scott Neubauer (Virginia Commonwealth University), and Chris Craft (Indiana University). 

Grant Award: Dr. Steven Goldsmith was awarded $72,891 by the Pennsylvania Sea Grant. 

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