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Recent Villanova Graduates in Geography have gone into these different fields:

  • Environmental Consulting
  • Regional Planning
  • GIS Analysis
  • Remote Sensing Analysis
  • TV Meteorology
  • Peace Corps
  • Administration/Sales
  • Marketing
  • Research Banking
  • Cartography
  • Military/Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Planner/Educator
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Finance Management
  • Radio/Television
  • U.S. Bureau of Census
  • Regional Planning Hospital Floor
  • International Banking
  • Transportation Planning
  • U.S. Foreign Service Management Training
  • Urban Planning

Where To Look For a Job

Public Sector: Local, State, National Govt.; Environmental Agencies; Planning Depts. and Agencies; National/State Legislatures; Military Intelligence.

Private Sector:  Cartographic Industry; Management/Marketing Depts.; Consulting Firms; Graphic Arts Industries; Sales Departments; Banks and Financial Institutions; Corporate Industry.

Education: Social Science / Geography teaching in primary and secondary schools.

Skills Developed By A Geography Major

Air Photo/Remote Sensing Analysis

Political Analysis

Cartographic Techniques

Regional Analysis

Economic Planning

Spatial Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Statistical Techniques

Hazards and Disasters Assessment

Urban Planning

Recommended Link: The Association of American Geographers

Consider Graduate School

Many students go on to complete master's and doctorates in geography. Approximately 158 graduate departments in the U.S. and Canada offer MA programs and 86 that offer Ph.D. programs in geography.

For more information, please call the department at 610.519.4710, visit the office in 202 St. Augustine Center, or contact one of the faculty members.