Requirement and Courses

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."
~Native American Proverb

Admission and Completion Requirement:

Students select two courses from each of the three "stems" (Humanities, Social Science and Technology) for a total of 18 credits.  Students may count a maximum of one course from their major program, provided that those courses are listed in one of the three stems.  All students are required to take GEV 3000: Seminar in Sustainability Studies, which replaces one course from either the Humanities or Social Sciences stem.  Only one class may be taken elsewhere.


  • ETH 3650 Globalization Eth & Eco (prereq 2050)
  • HIS 2276 American Environmental History
  • PHI 2121 Environmental Ethics
  • PHI 4210 Environmental Philosophy
  • PJ 2100/PHI 2430 Eco Feminism
  • PJ 2200 Caring for Earth
  • PJ 4600 Global Poverty and Justice
  • THL 4330 Christian Environmental Ethics(prereq THL 1050 or 1051)


  • ECO 1104 Environment and Economy
  • GEV 2520 Urban Geography
  • GEV 2525 Population Geography
  • GEV 2500 Global Change in Local Places
  • GEV 3570 Land Use Planning & Management
  • GEV 3580 Natural Res and Conversation
  • PSC 2625 Environmental Policy
  • PSC 3800 Environmental Law


  • GEV 1050 Environmental Science I
  • GEV 1051 Environmental Science II
  • BIO 3255 Introduction to Ecology
  • BIO 4451 Field Ecology and Evolution & BIO 4452Field Ecology & Evolution Lab
  • BIO 4801 Conservation Biology
  • CHE 5715 Alternative Energy
  • CHE 5001 Industrial Liquid and Solid Waste
  • CHE 5002 Principles of Air Pollution Control
  • CHE 4831 and CHE 4832 Chemical Engineering Research (topic must be approved)
  • EGR 7110 Climate Change/Sustainability
  • EGR 7111 Life Cycle/Impact Assessment
  • EGR 7112 Econ/Social Equity Integrator
  • CEE 4331 Solid and Hazardous Waste (prereq CEE 2311)
  • CEE 4612 Undergraduate Research (topic must be approved)
  • CEE 7829 Principles of Sustainable Development for Industry and Society
  • CEE 8207 Design of Sustainable Transportation Systems
  • ME 5130 Introduction to Sustainable Energy
  • ME 5140 Design of Gravity Water Networks

Note: refer to the catalog for all course requiements and pre-requisites

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Dr. Andrea Welker, Ph.D. P.E.
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Dr. Paul C. Rosier
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Dr. Frank Galgano
Department of Geography and the Environment

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