B.A. in Geography

Four Required Geography Foundation Courses

Introduces students to the major subfields, tools, and techniques of the discipline.

GEV 1002 – Geography of a Globalizing World regional course focusing on societal issues
GEV 1003 – Geography of Earth’s Environments  Introduction to global environmental patterns
GEV 1750 – Introduction to Geotechniques
Introduction to the important research methods, techniques, and tools used by geographers and environmental scientists during field research (e.g., GIS, GPS, surveying, Remote Sensing, etc.)
GEV 4700 – Geographic Information Systems
Principles, techniques, and applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Laboratory course that includes the latest state-of-the-art GIS mapping software.

One Regional Course

Shows how human/environmental processes interact in discrete regions. Importance of place and location in understanding current issues.

GEV 3500 – Geography of North America
GEV 3510 – Geography of Europe and the European Union
GEV 3515 – Geography of Africa
GEV 3520 – Geography of the Middle East and the Islamic World
GEV 3525 – Geography of Asia

One Additional Techniques Course

Provides advanced course on tools of geography

GEV 3775 – Air Photo Interpretation (currently being revised to also include GPS)
GEV 4700 – Geography Information Systems
GEV 3750 – Remote Sensing

Fulfills the new College requirement for an introductory research methods course

GEV 2500 – Global Change in Local Places

Senior Seminar or Independent Study/Thesis Course

Allows students to pursue a topic of their own interest. Considered the major's capstone course.  Students may elect to pursue a one-year thesis option.

GEV 6100 – Geographic Issues Seminar
GEV 6200 – Independent Study -or-
GEV 6210 - Senior Thesis I | GEV 6220 - Senior Thesis II

Three Additional Geography Electives

Allows flexibility for students to pursue areas of interest.
Any three courses including any of the above and/or……

Human Geography
GEV 2510 – Political Geography
GEV 2515 – Economic Geography
GEV 2520 – Urban Geography
GEV 2525 – Population Geography

Physical Geography
GEV 3580 – Natural Resources and Conservation
GEV 3570 – Land Use Planning
GEV 3550 – Natural Hazards

Geospatial Techniques
GEV 3790 – Global Positioning Systems
GEV 3750 – Remote Sensing

Total 10 Geography courses (30 credits)