Department of Geography & the Environment

The Department of Geography and the Environment offers B.A. degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies, and a B.S. degree in Environmental Science. The department also offers minors in Geography and Environmental Studies. Majors can also participate in an Honors Program, and undergraduate research is a cornerstone of our program.

The department was established in 2007 to serve as a multidisciplinary academic unit to link the social and natural sciences within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and across the University. The department’s overarching objective is to integrate the disciplines of geography and environmental science in seeking to understand the spatial patterns of human systems and landscapes, environmental processes, and the effects of people on the environment.

The department’s three major programs offer the possibility for students to concentrate their studies in four exciting, discrete, multi-disciplinary categories: (1) human systems analysis; (2) geographical technologies and techniques; (3) regional analysis; and (4) environmental science and landscape analysis.  Read More...

Department Mission Statement

Learning Outcome Goals

—Provide an interdisciplinary curriculum focused on the interactions between humans and the environment.

—Employ geo-technologies to examine human and natural landscapes, and the social, economic, political, and legal framework in which environmental issues are intertwined.

—Develop in our students the ability to critically analyze and formulate ranges of possible solutions to complex human and environmental issues that include consideration of social, economic, cultural, political, and scientific dynamics.

—Offer practical degree programs in emerging fields, potentially attracting students with diverse, but overlapping, interests to interact in mutually beneficial ways.

—Foster interdisciplinary and cross-college cooperation in environmental education and research.

—Support the University’s multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary concentrations and interest groups, by administering the Environmental Studies Concentration, and by interacting with existing area concentrations (Africana Studies, Arab and Islamic Studies, East Asia Studies, Latin American Studies Russian Studies), with the Center for Peace and Justice Education, and with the Women’s Studies Program, and by interacting with key areas in the College of Engineering and the Villanova School of Business.

—Support the core mission of the University by educating Villanova students in the geographic and environmental perspectives and introducing appropriate technical skills.

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