Thin Client / Terminal Server

thin client server

A Thin Client is a stateless, fanless desktop computer appliance that has no hard drive. The Thin Client connects to a host of Windows 2008 Terminal Servers which provides the login session that delivers the Windows desktop and software applications. All the processing is done on the server(s). Because their is no hard drive or fan, the Thin Client uses a fraction of the power of a traditional computer, keeping in line with Villanova's commitment to Sustainability.

Printing from the Thin Clients

Each person that logs into the Thin Clients will need to install the network printer or copier(s) they want to use one time. This process takes about 15-30 seconds. For more information, please see the instructions on connecting to a network printer.

Helpful Hints

  • Use Firefox (not IE) as your web browser
  • Video (and some audio) is not meant to be displayed within this system.
  • Problems should be reported to the A&S IT Department

Saving Files on the Thin Clients

You do not want to save files to the Documents folder or the Desktop of the Thin Clients.

Instead, you can connect USB Flash Keys/Drives to either of the front 2 USB connections on the Thin Client. These drives will appear as the G and H Drives. You will need to go to the Start Menu > Computer and then either the G or H Drive. Within those drives will be a folder called "sda1"- double click that folder to get to your files.

You can also save files to the N Drive, which is a personal network drive that all Faculty, Staff and Students have. This drive connects every time you login through the Thin Clients (or logging into the VUAD domain on any other VU computer).

A&S Faculty/Staff can connect to their My Documents folder by going to Start and typing in \\ARTSCISTORE\users\%username%  and then Enter.

Connecting to the Terminal Server Cluster from Windows or a Mac

The Windows 2008 Terminal Server cluster can also be accessed from any computer through the Remote Desktop application (on a Windows or Mac computer). You can connect to the server using this address:

Login with your VU username and password when prompted.

This system could be helpful if you occasionally need to access the following programs, but do not have them installed on your computer:

  • ArcGIS
  • SPSS
  • MiniTab
  • Maple
  • Data Studio
  • Matlab
  • JMP
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2003

For more information, please contact an IT Coordinator.