Villanova University licenses a number of software applications for use in the classroom and research. Below is a list of the most popular applications and how to access them.

Software Title Software Type License Type OS Access Via Comments/ How to Acquire
(Install on your computer)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Creating Site Win, Mac TS, Citrix, Labs
Installed on all VU Computers
Adobe Illustrator Drawing & Artwork Lab Win GIS Lab
Adobe Pagemaker Page Layout Lab Win Emedia Lab
Adobe Photoshop Image Editing Lab Win Citrix
AlphaView Image Analysis Limited Win Biology Lab Download here
Bio Pac Biology Limited Win A&P Lab Download here
ChemDoodle Chemistry Departmental PC, Mac PC Instructions; Mac Instructions
DataStudio Physics Site Win Citrix, Physics Labs
Download here
Ecopy OCR/ Scanning Limited Site
Win N/A Contact A&S IT
Endnote Citations Site Win, Mac TS, Labs Download here
Eprime Psychology Limited Departmental Win Contact Psychology
GIS/ Geography Site Win TS, Citrix, GIS Lab Contact Geography
JMP Statistical Departmental Win, Mac TS, Biology Lab Download here
Maple Math Site Win, Mac TS, Citrix Download here
Mat Lab Engineering Limited Site Win TS Contact A&S IT
Mathematica Math Network Win, Mac, Linux Citrix, Faculty Local Install available Contact A&S IT
MiniTab Math Site Win TS, Citrix Contact A&S IT
Microsoft Office Productivity Suite Site Win, Mac TS, Citrix, All Labs
Access through Citrix or Purchase
SAS Statistical Limited Site Win Contact A&S IT
Sigma Plot Statistical Limited Site Win Citrix Contact A&S IT
SPSS Statistical Site Win, Mac TS, Citrix Contact A&S IT
STATA Statistical Limited Win, Mac    
Symantec Anti-Virus Virus Protection Site Win All Download here
VMWare Virtual machine Limited
Win   Contact A&S IT


Citrix allows software applications to be used via web browser, on or off campus, with both Windows and Mac.
It can be access at:

TS (Terminal Server)

The College's Terminal Server can be accessed by using Remote Desktop (on both Windows and Mac) to connect to:

You must be connected to the campus network to connect to TS (or connect remotely with the Gateway/VPN)


Biology Lab - Mendel 141
GIS Lab (Geography) - Mendel G83
Emedia Lab - Falvey Lower level