ParSystem® Downloads

Please note that in addition to the Scantron ParSystem it is suggested that users take advantage of Blackboard's Online Testing/Grading system.

ParScore® Downloads

* ParSCORETitlepage.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Titlepage
* ParSCOREToC.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Table of Contents
* ParSCORE1Intro.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Module 1 Introducing ParSCORE
* ParSCORE2StartingParSCORE.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Module 2 Starting ParSCORE
* ParSCORE3SettingUpRoster.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Module 3 Setting up the Roster
* ParSCORE4Scoring.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Module 4 Scoring a Test
* ParSCORE5ReviewingRoster.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Module 5 Reviewing the Roster
* ParSCORE6Reports&Subtesting.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Module 6 Reports and Subtesting
* ParSCORE7IntegratingPT&PTOL.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Module 7 Integrating PT and PTOL
* ParSCOREQuickStart.pdf
ParSCORE v6.5 Quick Start Guide - also see other guide below
* ParSCOREQuickInstructions_ElisaMade.pdf
ParSCORE Quick Start Instructions (from A&S IT Professionals)
* ParSCOREReports.pdf
ParSCORE 6.0 Reports

ParTest® Downloads

* ParTESTOverview.pdf
ParTEST Overview
* ParTESTTitlepage.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Titlepage
* ParTESTToC.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Table of Contents
* ParTEST1Intro.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Workbook Module 1 Intro to ParTEST
* ParTEST2Starting.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Workbook Module 2 Starting ParTEST
* ParTEST3CreatingQuest.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Workbook Module 3 Creating Questions
* ParTEST4GeneTests.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Workbook Module 4 Generating Tests
* ParTEST5ManagingImporting.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Workbook Module 5 Managing and Importing
* ParTEST6PrintingReports.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Workbook Module 6 Printing Reports
* ParTEST7Appendix.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Workbook Module 7 Appendix
* ParTEST8QuickStart.pdf
ParTEST v6.5 Workbook Module 8 Quick Start Guide
* ImportExisitngTests.pdf
How to import existing tests into the Par Test system
* EditQuestionOnGeneratedTestWithArchive.pdf
How to edit question that are on generated test with Archives
* EditQuestionOnGeneratedTestWithOUTArchive.pdf
How to edit question that are on generated test without Archive