Adding a Network Printer

Using these instructions you can quickly install a network printer to a VU computer, either by connecting directly or using the Add Printer Wizard

Connecting to the Printer Directly

image of VU tag
An example VU Tag
  1. Make note of the VUTag (a 5 digit number) of the printer you want to install. The VUTag is typically found on top or the side of a printer or copier.

  2. Click on the Start Menu - Enter the network path to the printer and hit the Enter key

    The network path is:
    \\ARTSCIPRINT1\VUTag Number
    Example: \\ARTSCIPRINT1\VU1234

  3. If prompted, click "Open", "Ok" or "Install Driver". Once it is installed, the print queue window will appear and the printer will be listed in your Devices and Printers.
windows start menu
An example of what this looks like on Windows 7
windows start menu
An example of what this looks like on the Thin Clients (Windows 2008 Server)

You can also use the Add Printer Wizard

  1. Go to Start > Printers and Devices.
  2. You will see a list of printers which are installed on your computer.  Click on "Add a Printer."
  3. This will launch the "Add a Printer Wizard."  Choose the second option "a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer..." and then click "Next.
  4. Select the option at the bottom of the wizard click "The printer that I want isn't listed
  5. Choose the first option to "Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature."
  6. When the "Find Printers" dialog box appears, type in the location in the location field and click "Find Now."
  7. This will bring up a list of available printers.
  8. Double click on the printer you want to install and finish running the Add Printer wizard.

Any questions, please contact an IT Coordinator.