Backing Up Emails

Faculty and Staff use the University's Microsoft Exchange server, coupled with Microsoft Outlook Email Client to provide Villanova's users with more email functionality and the ability to manage e-mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks all from a single application.

Users' information (e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks) is kept on the University's servers, with the exception of local mail  (or personal folders) and messages which have expired (please see UnIT's email policy).  The following website will provided step-by-step instructions for the process of backing up email/personal folders.

email account settings


  • Open Microsoft Outlook.

  • Across the top ribbon menu, go to "File" --> "Info" --> "Account Settings" --> "Account Settings..."
data files image
  • Choose the second tab from within Account Settings called "Data Files."

  • Click on the "Open Folder..." icon across the top.

  • From the dialog box that opens, look for the "*.pst" file or files.
folder directory for vuex
  • The *.pst file(s) hold the contents of the Personal Folders.  These are the files that needs to be backed up.

The file can be burned to a CD or sent/copied to a flash drive. 
FIRST CLOSE ALL OPEN OUTLOOK WINDOWS.  Then right-click and use the "Send to" function.  Or secondary click on the file and copy and paste to a flash drive.

image of send to