Submitting Events to Digital Signage

The Arts and Sciences College has worked in conjunction with University Information Technologies to install two digital signs for the College.  Located in the lobby of the St. Augustine Center and the west lobby entrance of the Mendel Science Center, the purpose of these signs is to display University and College news, events, and other special announcements.  Powered by the RISE Display Network software, the College can create announcements that can serve to further educate students, faculty, staff and visitors about the happenings within the College.

Announcement Submission Guidelines

It is important to remember that digital and print are different types of medium. A printed poster may not necessarily translate to the digital signage displays.

Please follow these guidelines for announcement submission:

  • Please provided in JPG, MS Publisher or PDF file format (MS Word documents are not acceptable) JPG is the preferred format
  • Page layout orientation must be landscape (not portrait)
  • The file should be scalable to 12100 pixels wide x 763 pixels high. JPGs (Image files) can be easily resized using Microsoft Office Picture Manager (found under "Microsoft Office Tools" on your computer)
  • Please proof-read for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Must be provided at least 3 days before the event
  • Do no include narrative and/or too much text or small text
  • Information to be included should be in a large, clear font:
    • Event Name/Title (at least 36 font)
    • Presenter (at least 36 font)
    • Place/ Location (at least 36 font)
    • Date/Time (at least 36 font)
    • Optional (in smaller font size):
      • Event Sponsor(s)
      • Event Headline
      • Logos or other graphics

CLICK HERE to Submit your (login with your VU username and password).

Examples of Announcement Guidelines

Not Acceptable for Posting: In the image below, even though the JPG is landscape, the smaller text will not be readable. 

example of not acceptable posting

Acceptable for Posting: The image below is acceptable because the JPG is landscape and the smaller text has been eliminated.

example of acceptable for posting

Perfect Layout for Digital Signage: The image below is an example of a perfect layout for digital signage.

example of acceptable digital signage poster

Template or Graphic Services

If you had a poster created through Graphic Services you may coordinate with them to produce an accompanying image file suitable for digital signage.

If you did not have a poster created, please use this Microsoft Powerpoint template to create a bulletin for posting.

Upload Here

Once you have a completed template design, upload your image here.