Press Release



Deborah Wilson, RN, BSN

2016 Recipient of The Praxis Award

VILLANOVA, Pa. – The Villanova University Ethics Program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has named Deborah Wilson, RN, BSN, as the recipient of the 2016 Praxis Award in Professional Ethics. Entering its tenth year, the Praxis Award honors and celebrates the contributions of a professional or academic in the field of professional ethics. This year’s award will be presented Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 6:30p.m., Driscoll Hall Auditorium.

The 2016 Praxis Award in Professional Ethics will be presented to Deborah Wilson, RN, BSN.  Ms. Wilson has been a nurse for 30 years; after finishing her BS in Nursing, she is considering a Ph.D. in Global Ethics.  That possibility got its inspiration from her six weeks of fighting Ebola in Africa with Doctors without Borders in 2014. Upon returning from this harrowing service, she became an advocate for the rights of medical professionals, not only when it comes to their safety in the field, but also when they return to their home countries, where they are greeted, at times, with unreasonable demands.  The Praxis Award Committee has chosen her for the 2016 Praxis Award in Professional Ethics for her demonstrated commitment to the highest ideals of the nursing profession, and for her demonstrated willingness to engage the public, as a professional, on the ethics of global health.

“The Praxis Award in Professional Ethics enables Villanova University to celebrate professionals who have committed themselves to the highest ethical ideals of their profession,” said Mark Doorley, PhD, director of the Ethics Program and chair of the Praxis Selection Committee. “Praxis Award recipients remind each of us, including our students, that a commitment to living ethically in one’s professional life is, indeed, the way to excellence in that profession.”


Recipients of the award have accomplished one or more of the following achievements:

  • excellence in fulfilling and embodying the ethical ideals of a profession;
  • excellence in conecting professional work to a broader understanding of the common good;
  • excellence in promoting and embodying ethical integrity in a professional field;
  • excellence with respect to research in the field of professional ethics;
  • excellence in terms of influence on the field of professional ethics through writing, teaching, consulting and/or professional leadership.