Student Ethics Symposium 2014

The Student Ethics Symposium is one of the events held during Parent's Weekend.

Subcommittee for the Ethics Symposium:
Mark Doorley (Chair)
Peter Wicks
Kevin VanderSchel

Awards Presented:

  • Edith Stein Student Research Award in Ethics

Paul Regan, “The Ethics of Gene Therapy”

  • The Augustine Award in Ethics

Elsie Howell, “Free America’s Food: The Conflict of the Free Market”

  • The Socrates Award in Ethics

Christopher S. Abood, “Preservation over Domination


Carolyn Keefe
“Augustine on the Mondragon Co-operative: A Tentative Approval”

Jonathan Wan
"Just Thinking"

Paul Regan
"The Ethics of Gene Therapy"

Elsie Howell
"Free America's Food: The Conflict of the Free Market"

Nicole Conway
"Reversing Environmental Crisis: The Self-Preservation Ethic"

Briana Brown
"The Unethical Research and Use of Embryonic Stem Cells"

Madeline Wackerman

Christopher Abood
"Preservation over Domination"

Brandon Chu
"Fighting Above: An Examination of the Permissible Use of Drones"

Andrew Orlando
"Racism: An Evolving Disease"

Matthew Haselkamp
"The Applicability of Self-Defense in Modern Warfare"

Kyle McCafferty
"Sad Minimum"