Current Semester

Fall 2014

The courses below will satisfy either a philosophy or theology requirement for the Ethics Minor as indicated

Theological Ethics courses (EMTH)

PJ 5400-001: Ethics, Justice and the Family, Kathryn Getek Soltis

THL 4360-001: Option for the Poor, Suzanne Toton

THL 4200-100: Ethics of Life and Death, John Groch

THL 3790-001: Theme: Grace, Sin & Human Life, Kevin Vander Schel

Philosophical Ethics courses (EMPH)

PHI 2121: Environmental Ethics, Chaone Mallory

PHI 4125: Bioethics, Sarah-Vaughan Brakman

Note on Eligible Courses

The courses in Theology & Religious Studies, Philosophy, Humanities & Augustinian Traditions, the Center for Peace & Justice Education and the Honors Program that will count toward the ethics minor will be courses taught by either ethicists whose graduate study prepared them as such or by those who have become ethicists as a result of their research and teaching history. Contact the director for more information.

General Information


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Minor in Ethics Application