Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships - English 2800

English 2800 gives senior English majors, with a GPA in the major of 3.5 or above, the opportunity to work as teaching assistants in introductory level courses under the supervision of a faculty member. Click here to read a narrative by a former teaching assistant about his experience.

Before registration, interested students should approach the professor with whom they would like to work and ask about the possibility of arranging an assistantship. The student also needs to have permission from the chair of the department to register for the course.

The professor and student would work out the specifics of the assistantship together, but the teaching assistant would probably be expected to:

  • Attend all classes.
  • Read all course texts.
  • Work one-on-one with students on their writing.
  • Help generate questions for class discussion and topics for papers.
  • Lead small discussion groups of writing workshops within the class.
  • Teach several classes over the course of the semester.

The student receives three credit hours for the course. The course is graded and counts as an elective towards fulfilling the requirements of the major.

Students who have worked as teaching assistant have found the experience to be tremendously beneficial to their education. Further questions about the teaching assistantship can be directed to Prof. Michael Berthold (519-4630;michael.berthold@villanova.edu)

One Student's Experience

Being a TA for Dr. Berthold’s “Literary Experience” Class

by Chris Steib, '01

In March of 1999, toward the end of my sophomore year, I dropped my Education major to concentrate strictly on English. At this point I had accepted the fact that I would not have the opportunity to teach until after I had completed graduate school some four years later. However, in the fall of 2000, Dr. Michael Berthold accepted me as a teaching assistant for his English 1050 course, “The Literary Experience,” for the following semester. I had Dr. Berthold for courses in both poetry and prose in the two preceding semesters, so I was very excited at the prospect of working with him in Lit Ex....Read More