Undergraduate Programs

If you love reading, writing, and thinking both creatively and critically about the world, the English Department offers a range of options.  You may choose to

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  • major exclusively in English;
  • pursue a double major in English and another discipline (recent English graduates have had second majors in Communication, Cultural Studies, Economics, Education, French, Geography and the Environment, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Spanish);
  • or minor in English.

Within the major, you may design your own "track," tailoring your course of study to a specific area of interest.  You may pursue the option of being a Teaching Assistant during your senior year.  You may also pursue a number of interdisciplinary programs and concentrations that are closely related to the major.


The Mission of the English Department.  The English Department’s mission is based on the belief that skillful, self-conscious reading, writing, and thinking form the foundation for a well-examined life well-lived. We seek to develop rigorous yet creative forms of analysis and expression that help us comprehend our own and others’ cultures and values. As teachers, students, and scholars, we aspire to create a community that celebrates imaginative approaches to living and explores language’s and literature’s potential to order and transform the world.