Student Theses

Recent thesis titles include the following:

  • “‘Lost’ Along the Color Line: The Conflict over Race and National Identity in the Selected Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Claude McKay”
  • “Wollstonecraft’s Maria; or the Wrongs of Women and Shelley’s Frankenstein: Echoes and Revisions”
  • “Writing ‘the Jew’: Semitic Discourse in Oliver Twist, Daniel Deronda, and Reuben Sachs”
  • “Christianity and Decolonization: Louise Erdrich’s Reinscription in Love Medicine, Tracks, The Beet Queen, and The Bingo Palace”
  • “‘A Shape Within the Watry Gleam’: Writing, Subjectivity, and Visuality in Early Modern Literature”
  • “Striking in Rich Behind the Linear Black: The Sonnet Sequences of Seamus Heaney”
  • “‘So Young and Tender of Age’: Children and Other Suffering Innocents as Marian and Christological Images in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales”
  • “Williams, Joyce, and Visual Clamor”
  • “Constructing Cleopatra: Making Sense of a Female Sovereign in William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra”
  • “Nation, Faith, and Body: Corporeal Subjectivity in Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses”
  • “‘The Labour Which That Longeth Unto Me’: Male Gaze versus Female Body in ‘The Knight’s Tale’ and ‘The Clerk’s Tale’”
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