Sample Program

First Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
·+CHS 1000 Core Humanities Sem. ·+CHS 1001 Core Humanities Sem.
Intermediate Language I Intermediate Language II
PHI 1050 Intro. to Philosophy +ENG 1050 The Literary Experience
SOC 1000 Principles of Sociology HIS 1050 Themes in Mod. Wor. Hist.

Second Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
·Natural Science and Laboratory ·Natural Science and Laboratory
PSY 1000 Intro. to Psychology ETH 2050 Eth. Trad. & Contemp. Life
THL 1050 Chr. Trad & Transitions Fine Arts
xHS 2000 Intro to Human Services HS 2200 Research in Human Services
Advanced Humanities – Literature xHS 2100 Assessment & Referral

Third Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
HS 3000 Lab in Communication Skills HS 3100 Lab in Group Dynamics
PSY 2200 Psy. of Human Development SOC 2200 Sociology of Deviance
Advanced Humanities – Philosophy Advanced Humanities – History
PSY 2600 Social Psychology PSY 2500 Psychology of Personality
  ¨HS 3400 Working w/ Diverse Populations

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
+HS 4000 Seminar HS 4100 Practicum  (6 credits)
¨SOC 3600 Race & Ethnic Relations SOC 2300 Sociology of the Family
Psychology Elective Elective
Advanced Humanities – Theology Elective
Sociology Elective Elective


# Diversity Course - two (2) required courses
MAT: May take one MAT and one CSC or two MAT courses
* Integrative Sequence - two (2) required  Advanced:  Level 2000 or above
+ Writing Intensive Courses - four (4) required
x  Writing Enriched Courses - four (4) required

*Note: Student must submit application for the Psychology and Sociology minor in each of those departments

For additional information, please contact: or

Human Services Minor Details

A minor in Human Services requires a total of 15 credits. Distribution requirements are: HS 2000, HS 2100, HS 3000, HS 3100. An additional three credits must be earned from one of the following: HS 3400, HS 3600, or HS 3700.

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Additional Information

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