Course Sequences and Requirements

A description of each course can be found on the Graduate Studies Course Catalog and course sequence page.


I. Core Courses: Required

EDU 8561 - Advanced Trends and Issues in Special Education (Spring Semester)

EDU 8603 - Educational Research (Fall Semester)

EDU 8641 - Assessment and Analysis (Spring Semester)

EDU 8679 - Standards Aligned Sys & Curriculum (Fall Semester)

EDU 8673 - Philosophy Education (Fall Semester)
* Core courses must be completed prior to taking the Comprehensive Examinations

 Concentration in Teacher Leadership

I. Core Courses: Required

EDU 8603 - Educational Research (Fall Semester) OR

EDU 8641 - Assessment and Analysis (Spring Semester

EDU 8561 - Advanced Trends and Issues in Special Education (Spring Semester)

EDU 8679 - Standards Aligned Sys & Curriculum (Fall Semester)

EDU 8672 -  Instructional Leadership (Spring Semester)

EDU 8654 - Policy Analysis (Fall Semester)

* Core courses must be completed prior to presenting exit portfolios.

II. 15 Elective Credits.

Choose from any EDU 7000 or 8000  level courses. Sample courses are among the following:

EDU 8622 - Diag. & Remed of Read. Diff.

EDU 8626 - Learn Disabilities Read

EDU 8662 - Trends Social Studies

EDU 8663 - Teaching Problem Solving Math-Science

EDU 8676 - Technology in Teaching

EDU 8678 - Multicult, Gender and Inclusion in Schools

EDU 8631 - Meth of Teaching Writing

EDU 8627 - Teaching Language Arts

EDU 8664 - Politics of Education

EDU 8669 - Comparative Education

EDU 8670 - History of Western Education

EDU 8610 - Current Issues in American Education

EDU 7676 - Education Philosophy of St Augustine

EDU 8624 - Reading Secondary School

EDU 8656 - School Law

EDU 8651 - Social Issues & Schools

EDU 8673 - Philosophy of Education

EDU 8669 - Topics in Education, Culture & Society

Up to 9 credits may be taken in Teaching Content area (such as English, Math or Biology); up to 6 credits may be taken as workshops.

Workshops: 3 Required and Maximum - 1 Credit Each

The workshops, scheduled on Friday evenings and Saturdays, deal with specialized and current topics of interest to teachers.  Students in the program complete 3 workshops from a choice of many.  Sample titles for education workshops include: "Digital Literacies," Soliciting Student Voice," "Multi-tier Systems of Support," and "Design Thinking in Education."

Summer Workshops, 2016:

EDU 7544-010 Educating Middle School; June 10-11; Dr. David Brown; see Novasis for more details.




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