NCE Exam

National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC)

The NBCC allows counselor education programs to hold special National Counselor Examination (NCE) testing administrations for their graduating students who apply as Board Eligible National Certified Counselors (NCC's). The intent is to permit counseling students in their final semester to have the opportunity to sit for the examination before intervening months or years create the necessity for extensive review. Board Eligible status allows candidates to sit for the examination without prior experience. National Counselor Exam is offered on campus in April and October.

Applications for April test administration are available for current students at Villanova. Applications for other test date must be obtained from NBCC.

In order to sit for the NCE, students must complete an application as well as send in an application fee. Failure to complete the required course work will result in the rejection of your application and the forfeit of the application fee.

Villanova Contact:
Dr. Krista Malott,, 610-519-4642.
(If you are a current Villanova student, look for an email to come to your Villanova account announcing the sign-up application is available. (You sign up one semester in advance.))

Course Work:
The following courses must have been completed in order to be eligible to sit for exam:

*Note: You are required to be ‘advanced’ in your coursework to sign up for the exam, which means you must have completed at least 6 out of the 8 courses listed below. The remaining two classes should be taken the following semester.

Content Area Categories Villanova  Course Equivalent
Human Growth & Development CHR 8884 - Human Growth and Development
Social/Cultural Foundations CHR 8860 - Lab in Couns Div Population
Helping Relations CHR 8687 - Counseling Theory & Prac
Group Work CHR 8655 - Lab in Group Dynamics OR
CHR 8686 - Group Couns Theo & Pract
Career & Lifestyle Development CHR 8685 - Lifestyle & Career Devel
Appraisal CHR 8855 - Appraisal in Counseling
Research & Program Evaluation CHR 8604 - Research & Evaluation 
Professional Orientation & Ethics CHR 8605 - Lab in Counseling Skills (or CHR 8680 - School Counseling Orientation or CHR 8688, Clinical Mental Health Orientation
CHR 8883 - Ethics & Professional Orientation in Counseling
Field Experience

CHR 8692 - Intern I in School Counseling

HR 8694 - Intern II in School Counseling


CHR 8850 - Intern. I Clin. Mental Health &
CHR 8851 - Intern. II Clin. Mental Health

Two letters of recommendation may be required

Current Cost:
The Spring 2014 exam will be $310 for Master level. However, that is subject to change in the future. Remember that the application is for a professional credential and all that entails, not just for an exam.

Exam Content:
200 multiple choice questions, scheduled for a 4 hour period on a Saturday.

Preparation Information:

  • The NCE prep guide is located at:  Also see:

Exam Eligibility at Villanova

Any currently enrolled, well-advanced degree-seeking graduate student at Villanova

Villanova alumnus, who will test within 6 months of their date of graduation

Alums who graduated 6 months prior to the testing date cannot apply through Villanova. They must postpone applying for the NCC credential until they have met the experience and supervision requirements for certification, at that point, two years or more beyond graduation, they will be Option C applicants. Following are the instructions:

The application must be downloaded from the NBCC website. Villanova Alumni would be “Option C” candidates within that application. Option C’s must complete the experience and supervision requirements before applying, generally two years after graduating. Directions for these alums in how to apply for the NCC:
a. Start on the nbcc home page (
b. Click on NBCC on the menu at the left.
c. Click on Certifications.
d. Click on National Certified Counselor on the menu at the left.
e. Click on Counselors who have Completed Graduate School.

(For additional information regarding the NCE process for Villanova alum, please contact the Certification Department, or 336-547-0607)

Note: Several requirements must be met after you have passed the NCE before you can have their scores reported to third parties (such as licensure boards). NBCC communicates those requirements and due dates to students with their score reports. It is important for you to stay on top of this process until you are officially certified as an NCC (nationally certified counselor). Failing to do so can result in the closing of your application and invalidation your scores. We try to remind you frequently of the need to keep NBCC up-to-date on any address changes.