Cultural Studies Major


The major in Cultural Studies (CST) is one of the new interdisciplinary majors at Villanova. It  will benefits students by providing a specific understanding the overarching implications of global cultural phenomena. Because of  its theoretical and interdisciplinary nature the program would be complementary, as a double major, to geographic (area studies), or disciplinary studies in the humanities and social sciences. Students would benefit from this theory driven program that will give them an edge to compete in an increasingly theory oriented market for graduate programs and other forms of intellectual engagementsand jobs in publishing, journalism, media, NGO's cultural organizations, diplomacy, for example.


2 mandatory seminars, 3 CST area courses, 5 electives. With the exception of the seminars, any of the 8 courses may be double counted with another major, such as English, Communication, Literature and language studies, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Theology, or any area studies (GIS, LAS, AIS, etc.)


30 credits, a total of 10 courses (Every semester all the CST courses are published in a PDF on this website.)

1. Seminars: (6 credits, 2 courses)
A. Intro to Cultural Studies: CST 2100 (3 credits) offered in Spring semesters
Theoretical basis of cultural studies is covered; students are introduced to the most common methods of research in these areas.
B. Capstone seminar CST 4100: (3 credits) offered in Fall semesters
Seniors will take the capstone seminar on the application of different theoretical approaches to the study of different cultural phenomena and praxis.

2. Other required courses (9 credits, 3 courses) one course from of each group
A.  Representation of Culture (3 credits, 1 course)
B.   Identity and Race (3 credits, 1 course)
C.  Gender relations (3 credits, 1 course)

3. Electives (15 credits, 5 courses)

Sample Electives:
COM 3342 -  International Cinema
COM 2340 - Theories of Visual Communication & Culture
COM 3202 - Rhetoric, Identity & Conflict
COM 3244 - Folklore & Oral Traditions
COM 3354 - Media Criticism
ENG 2043 -  Writing About US Pop Culture
ENG 2510 – Black Literature: Novel
lENG 2515 – Black Literature:  Drama
ENG 2520 – Black Literature:  Short Story
ENG 2530 – Harlem Renaissance
ENG 2730/1 – Introduction to African Literature – I-II
ENG 2735 - African Drama
ENG 2740 - Caribbean Literature
FRE 2218 - Francophone Writers & Cultural Identity
HIS 4090 - Women in the Middle East
HIS 3352 - 20th C European Culture & Soc
HIS2278 - Native American History
PJ 5500 - Politics of Whiteness
PHI 2400 - Social & Political Philosophy
THL 4310 - War and Morality
THL 5180 - Islamic Political Thought
PSC 0261 - Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
PSC 0290 - International Relations
PSC 2750 - Black Politics
PSC 5500 - Africa in World Politics
PSC 6150 - Politics and Literature
PSY 2400 - Cross-Cultural Psychology
SOC 3750 - Human Populations
SOC 3900 - Social Inequality

CST Brochure

The new major Cultural Studies was initiated in 2010. Click below to read our brochure for more information about the CST major.


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